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Week 5  

Clay, sound proofing and the Grinch

This week we started a new writing unit about the Grinch. We have started to write News reports about how he stole Christmas. In maths we have been finishing our work on algebra and division. 

For art we used our designs to make our Mayan pots inspired by the Gods. We are now waiting for them to dry out. We had a very cold and refreshing PE lesson playing end zone and enjoyed composing on the percussion instruments in music. 

In science we  investigated sound proofing and how we could stop sound from travelling. 


Week 4  

Times tables, telephones and Mayan Artefacts 

This week we have written our own ending to Hansel and Gretel in literacy. I have been so impressed with the effort children have put in to writing this term and we can definitely see some great progress. 

There were lots of different things going on in maths this week with algebra, long multiplication and times tables keeping us all busy. Times tables are really important so any extra help at home will be beneficial. 

In history we investigated some Mayan artefacts and discussed how we know about the past using different sources. We also found out more about the Gods and Goddesses. 

In science we learnt about why sounds got quieter the further they travelled. We also made string telephones and discussed how they worked. In PSHE we have looked at what 'normal' means and in RE we are learning about how religion helps people when times get tough. 


Week 3  

Mayan numbers, Pitch and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000

This week in maths, year 4 and 5 have been exploring multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 while the year 6 have started to learn about algebra. 

In Literacy, we have started to write a section from the story Hansel and Gretel. We have thought about how to use speech and other techniques to make our story interesting. Take a look at the the photo of our writing wall to see a sample of what we have written this week. 

In science we learnt about pitch and made pan pipes. In RE we learnt about justice and in history we learnt how to read and write Mayan numbers. 

In PSHE we focused on Anti-bullying week and the children are working on some posters that we can display around school. 

On Tuesday we had our forest day and were challenge to create a den and fire to survive. In the damp miserable weather, this was definitely a challenge! 




Week 1 and 2  

Mayans, Sound and Hansel and Gretel

The children have returned from half term raring to go!

In literacy we finished our holiday brochures, which were amazing! The children remember the layout, tried to use techniques such as alliteration and personification and persuaded me that I needed to visit their location. We have now started our next writing unit based on Hansel and Gretel. We have read a version of the story by Neil Gaiman and will start our writing next week. 

In maths we have learnt about different types of numbers including primes, squares and cubes. Now we are focusing on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 

In Science we are now learning about sound. Again, the children are full of questions about how we hear and how sounds work. They have done some research to answer their questions - such as why our ears op, what ear wax is, what happens if you don't have a pinna ... 

We are now looking at How live was different for the Mayans and the Aztecs in our wider curriculum. We have learnt where they lived, when they lived and explored a range of books to find out about their lives. 

Well done to everyone who has done some homework. There has been some remarkable pieces so far, last weekend I had 38 uploads on to Seesaw!! 


Week 7  

Finished Creations 

It's the last week before half term! This week, most of us finished our textile projects. It's taken us several weeks, but we have made something we are proud of! 

In maths we some of the children have started working on long division and some on long multiplication. For literacy, we have continued to write our holiday brochures, there has been some fantastic sentences which have made us all want to go on holiday!

In PE children have continued to develop skills for Tag rugby, in geography children had some time to research their unanswered questions and in science we reviewed everything we had learnt about light. 

We have a times table test every Wednesday and I have been amazed but the improvements we have already seen. 

It was fantastic to talk to so many parents on the phone this week and update you on the fantastic progress we have been seeing from the children. 

Have a lovely half term and we will see on Tuesday 3rd which will be our forest school day! 


Week 6 

Sewing, Tag Rugby and Shadows

This week we have continued making our toys in DT. Children have realised that sewing takes patience and concentration. We finished our science unit by looking at shadows and how they move during the day. In RE we looked at Ramadan and what this means to Muslims. 

In Maths we are exploring calculations with the younger children continuing to look at addition and subtraction and the older pupils now looking at multiplication and division.

For literacy we have started our next writing unit about holiday brochures - we will be using our learning in geography to persuade people to visit Mexico. 


Week 5  

Newton, sewing and our own stories

This week we moved on to look at addition and subtraction in maths. In Literacy the children were thrilled to write their own stories and show off everything they had learnt in this unit. They have written some fantastic stories - we will try and find a way that they can share them with you. 

In science we learnt more about the light spectrum and how we see colours. We also learnt about Isaac Newton. We have continued our textile project and children are getting far more confident with sewing. 

We are currently reading Cogheart and it is getting very exciting - the silver eyed men are looking for Lily. Ask your child about the story. 

For PSHE we have set up a check in station for the morning where they can identify how they are feeling that day. It will also give them some ideas of how to feel better if they need them 


Week 4  

Rainbows, Pillars and Sewing 

This week we have completed our rewrite of the Lost Thing in literacy, they are very eager to start writing their own discovery stories next week. In maths we finished our work on rounding and started to learn about negative numbers. 

In DT we tried some sewing skills ready for us to start making our soft toy inspired by Mexican art and colours. For RE, children began to explore the Pillars of Islam and what this meant to be Muslim in Britain today. 

For PSHE we learnt about democracy and elected our first members of school council.  Finally in science, we learnt out the light spectrum and how refraction can cause light to split in to the different colours.

I have uploaded some maths homework on to Seesaw, if you need your logins again, I can give these out on Monday. I am trialing the use of Seesaw for homework, if it is too complicated we will try another way! 


Week 3  

Map reading, refraction and rights.

This week we were challenged to find out where photos of Mexico were taken using maps and research. We had the chance to see some of the varied environments in the country. In science we learnt about refraction and what happened when we look through glass and water. In PSHE we learnt about children's rights and what responsibilities we have. 

In literacy we have continued our new approach to writing. We have seen a great variety of vocabulary and sentence structure. I was really pleased to hear the children saying that they are enjoying our new literacy lessons. They worked so hard during the week, they were allowed a day off literacy on Friday! 

We met our new sports coach this week and started developing skills for rugby. Finally in maths we have been learning about rounding numbers. 


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