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Week 7 and 8  

Schools for All Seasons, Boudicca and Separating materials 

It's been a busy couple of weeks with sports day, Bridge School Games, Wellbeing day, a trip to Newquay Orchard and Year 6 at sailing. 

But, we have also done lots of other work. We have been working hard in History to find out about Boudicca and Hadrian's wall. In science we investigated different ways of separating materials. In Literacy we are rewriting the story Float and in maths we have just finished our measures work. 

As part of the project - Schools For All Seasons - we were invited to Newquay Orchard to perform the song we had written. It was a lovely day and we are looking forward to sharing it with an even bigger audience at Eden before the end of term. 

We have also found time to rehearse for our end of year play! 


The end of last half term and the start of a new one 

Jubilee, conductors and singing. 

We ended last half term with Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We held a fete in the field with traditional games and refreshments and everyone wore their 'Sunday Best'! It was a great day! We spent the week learning about the Queen and her family. 

Since half term we have started a new writing topic linked to the book float. the first three paragraphs are looking great. In maths we are focusing on measures including time. We are continuing are learning in science and history from last half term and have found out about why the Romans invaded Britain. In science we tested different electrical conductors. 

Our current class book is The Lion Above The Door. We are approaching the end, but it has brought up lots of discussion topics about racism and bullying. It has been very interesting. 

Rehearsals for the summer production are in full swing and singing can be heard all over school. Less than 6 weeks left to prepare! 



Life Skills 

On Tuesday, Eagles visited St Austell Fire Station for life skills. GWR, civil enforcement officers, RNLI, Royal Life Saving Society, Fire Service, Police and Tri Service responders, were all there. We learnt about electrical, train, beach, water, road and online safety. Plus learnt how to use CPR. It was extremely informative and everyone came back full of facts and information. 


Summer Term - Week 1,2 and 3  

Shapes, materials and SATS 

We are a bit behind on our blog. So far this term we have looked at shapes in maths including 2D and 3D and then followed this with a week of ratio. In literacy we have been recapping SPAG and key terminology through games, quizzes and activities. 

This term, in science, we are looking at properties and changes of materials. We have compared the properties of different materials and have also investigated thermal insulators to compare which material keep the ice the coldest. 

This term, we are lucky to have a new music teacher. Mr Warwick comes in every Tuesday to do music with us. The children really enjoy these sessions and are making great progress. We have also had a visit from Emma and Roger as part of the Schools for All seasons programme and have started to write our own song. 

Our PSHE is all about the changes our bodies go through as we get older. We have looked at how boys and girls change as they go through puberty. 

Week 3 was SATs, the year 6 children were amazing and attacked the week with positivity and enthusiasm. Well done. We celebrated on Friday with a Forest day where we made dens and fires. We cooked bacon, sausages, eggs, bread and of course marshmallows. We also used mallets to make some fabric nature art. 


Week 13  

Porthpean Residential

This week year 4,5 and 6 had the opportunity to go on residential. We were very fortunate as we were the last residential at Porthpean.

We started on day 1 by settling in to our pods, having lunch before getting on the high ropes. The children were amazing and encouraged others to have a go and take a risk. Lots of them took the leap of faith and got further than they ever thought they could. After dinner, the children played before tucking up for the night. It was a blustery night, but the pods were warm and cosy.

On day 2 we headed to Porthpean Beach. The forecast was not very positive, but the day was dry and bright. There were some blustery winds that we had to paddle against to get back to shore. We tried stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing. We also made a beach fire and toasted marshmallows to help us to stay warm. We then headed back to freshen up. We have never known a residential group so keen to shower, more than once, whilst away! We finished the day with an egg hunt and a movie before bed.

On our final day, we woke up to rain, but it slowly cleared away. We tried archery and climbing through the morning. The children were so supportive and understanding of each other and we finished the week on a high. It was a pleasure to be away for a few days after a two year wait!! We hope you manage to catch up on sleep over the Easter holidays. Here is just a small selection of the hundreds of photos taken!! 


Week 12  

Pizza, blood and angles 

This week in maths we have been looking at properties of shapes and have focused on angles. We have identified different types, measured in degrees and found missing angles. 

In literacy we have been adding eye-witness accounts to our news reports thinking about the what a journalist would include in the report. 

In science, we learnt more about blood to help us understand the circulatory system. We made our own blood using colouring, cheerios, marshmallows and blueberries. 

In geography we finished our learning about Europe by planning our own trip. We had to think about the sites people would want to visit, where you could stay and how much it would cost. 

For DT this week, we focused on Italy and made pizzas. We thought about the processes we needed to make them and considered hygiene and safety to make some tasty treats which we enjoyed in the forest. We also had time to get the knives out and practice our whittling skills. 

We have also been planning and preparing for our trip next week!


Week 11  

Mille-feuille, Minack Theatre and Coordinates 

This week we started our news reports about the creature. Children thought about headlines, straplines and the key information needed in an opening paragraph. In maths we worked on position and direction and learnt about co-ordinates in four quadrants. 

In reading we started to learn about Shakespeare in preparation for our visit from the Minack Theatre - they know lots of facts, why not ask them to find out! We were visited by Kezia, Connie and Jordan who talked to us about the theatre and helped us to act out different parts of Twelfth Night. It was a great morning and we are very grateful for them travelling form the Minack to see us. 

In DT this week we looked at France and patisserie. We made Mill-feuille using puff pastry and a selection of fruit. We talked about the seasonality of fruit and how some of the fruit we used wouldn't be used in traditional French baking. Apparently, they were delicious! 

In the forest we worked on our team work skills in preparation for our residential so that we could work well together over the three day trip. We played icebergs and had to stay on the iceberg as a team as the ice berg started to melt! 


Week 10  

Greek salads, statistics and the creature 

This week we have been doing statistics in maths, we have looked at a variety of graphs and tables and learnt how to read, understand and interpret. In literacy we have started a new unit on news reports and are focusing on the report of a strange creature appearing on the Cornish coast (it's a Surfers against sewage video if you want to take a look!)

In DT we continued our trip around Europe to Greece and made Greek salads. We learnt about how o cut vegetables in different ways and how size and shape had an impact in a salad. Children worked really hard to make their own versions considering how presentation also helps us to enjoy food. We also thought about where food comes from and it is either grown, reared or caught and why these were the ingredients for a Greek salad. 

In Geography we were comparing the landscape of different eastern European countries including the Ukraine. 

Plus we celebrated Red Nose day on Friday! 


Week 9  

RSPCA, independent writing and circulatory system

This week, we enjoyed a visit from the RSPCA. They spoke to us about how animals can find themselves in difficulty and how the RSPCA help them We also looked at how to look after pets correctly. It was a great session and we thank the RSPCA for coming in to visit.

In maths we have moved on to statistics and have started to explore line graphs. In writing we have started to write our sequels and, so far, they are great. The stories have a clear plot and have lots of descriptive details. They are a joy to read!

In science we have started to learn about the circulatory system. We started by recapping what we knew about other body systems including: the skeleton and digestive system. We then learnt about the different parts of the heart. In RE we thought about peace and what this means to us. In PSHE we are focusing on relationships especially online.

This half term in PE we are focusing on target games skills and are using golf as our focus sport. Year 5 also started their bike ability sessions. Finally, in DT we have started our cooking work focusing on ingredients and meals that originate from Europe to link with our geography work. This week we looked at Germany and made pretzels.


Week 8  

Pancakes, books and algebra 

It has been a busy first week back, with lots going on. In literacy we have started to plan our sequel to Mr Morris Lessmore's flying books. We are planning how the story would continue when someone new takes over the library. I can't wait to hear the final stories. In maths we have been doing algebra and everyone has been having a go!

We have also spent time at the church for shrove Tuesday, celebrated World Book Day, some of us went the St Piran's parade in Bodmin and some went to cross country.

On World Book day, we tried some science activities inspired by the stories from Roald Dahl. We made dream potions (BFG), seesaws (The Enormous Crocodile), growing sweets (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and wormeries (James and the Giant Peach).

As well as this, we have been designing a new mural to go on the stairs to the library. There have been some very exciting designs, which I'm sure it is going to be hard to choose between.


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