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Week 5  

Calculations, independent writing, search engines and french habitats

Everyone has been writing their own story this week. There are some fantastic plots and children are trying really hard to use all the techniques they know including: personification, pathetic fallacy and simile. I'm excited to see how they will end.

We started our next maths unit and are looking at addition and subtraction. I was impressed by how confident everyone was with addition methods so we just need to iron out some small errors.

In our other learning we have continue our work on humanism in RE, we learn how search engines work in computing and investigated which sites reached the top of the list and in PSHE we discussed how our actions impact others. PE was a little bit damp this week, but we are continuing our progress in racket skills in badminton. In geography we explored the world biomes and compared the vegetation before exploring the animals in our science work.

We are over half way through our class book - The Explorer and it is getting very interesting!


Week 4  

Invertebrates, Rainforests and rounding!

This week we have tried to master the skill of rounding in maths. Some of us found it quite tricky to begin with but by the end of the week were feeling a lot more confident. 

We finished our rewrite of the explorer and are now ready to start planning our own adventure stories. 

In science and forest school we searched for invertebrates and collected specimens to look at under the microscope. We also used classification keys to help us decide what we had found. 

Geography was all about the rainforest, the sound of beautiful singing filled the school in music and we made jingles about SPAM in computing!

Year 6 had a meeting with Poltair and a visit to Fowey this week to help them decide which secondary school they want to apply for. 


Week 3  

Ordering numbers, story writing and Harvest Festival

We have now written 7 parts of our story and have used lots of writing techniques including: onomatopoeia, metaphor and personification. In maths we have been ordering and comparing numbers. This week, in Geography, we learnt about the climate in rainforest based on their location on the Earth. 

In PE this term we are learning racket and ball skills and have been learning about how to play badminton. Plus, in Science we used sorting diagrams to classify a variety of animals. 

We have lots of fantastic books to use in class at the minute, as we have had a huge delivery from the library. We have a variety of books to help us in Geography, Science and RE. The children loved the chance to explore the books and find answers to lots of their questions. 

Finally on Friday, we walked over to the church for Harvest Festival. We donated tins of food which will be taken to a local food bank. It is lovely to be invited down to the church for events, we always learn a lot. 


Week 2  

Roman numerals, adventure stories and mood boards

This week we have settled in to our normal timetable. We have learnt about Roman Numerals in maths and are now learning about place value. In literacy we started to rewrite the opening to the explorer and they are sounding great! In science we revisited the life processes and thought about ways to group organisms. For geography we had the atlases out searching for rainforest. And this is just the start of the learning we did this week! 


Week 1 

Settling back in and starting our learning!

It has been lovely to see everyone back at school and ready to get started. Our focus of our learning is term is: Crash landing - Will I survive? We our focusing our work on the book The Explorer where 4 children have crash landed in the rainforest and have to find a way to survive.

On Friday we got in to role as the characters from the story and pretended we had crashed in our 'rainforest'. We had to find all the survivors, build shelters using only the things we could find and the things in our bags and forage for food. We found grapefruits, figs, passion fruits, avocados, bananas, mangoes, papayas and coconuts. We certainly had enough food to survive!

We have also been making model rainforests in class as part of teams, so have had to listen and compromise to make a model we are all happy with.  


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