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Week 2  

Light and Climate 

This week we have started reading Cogheart, a story set in the Victorian era, but they have mechanical maids and animals! 

We have found out about climate zones and how the climate in Mexico is different to the climate in the UK. We continued our work on light and researched reflection. We set up a model to see how the mirror reflects the light ray. 

We have also started our new writing routine in literacy - so far it has proved to be very successful as we had some fantastic writing. The children also impressed me with the feedback they gave to each other. 

On Tuesday the children enjoyed their first day back at forest school. 




Week 1  

What a fantastic week!

It has been a pleasure to see everyone back this week. Everyone came back so confidently and happy. We can also see some of the fantastic progress they have made with some of the work they have been doing at home, so thank you! 

The year 4 have settle in to their new class well and are enjoying the challenges and we hope the new members of our class have made lots of new friends. 

We have learnt about Roman Numerals this week and have started to learn about Mexico and Light. The children were full of interesting questions in science so I know that we are going to be learning a lot. 

They have all got used to the new routines and handwashing and are now doing this without reminders which is fantastic. 

We are looking forward to next week, when we will have our first forest day of the term. 


Welcome Back  

The Start of a New School Year!

Hi Eagle Class, 

We hope you are excited to be coming back to school. As you can see the classroom is set up and ready for you for Monday and year 6 will be pleased to know they get to use the desks! Everyone will have their own pencil, rubber, ruler, coloured pencils, whiteboard and pen, so you don't need to bring anything with you. 

Monday will be PE day so please wear your PE kit, forest school will be every other week our forest school days will be 15th September, 29th September, 13th October. 

To start the year by learning about Mexico and why it is described as the land of extremes. 

When you arrive come straight to the classroom and we will show you where to put your coat and lunch - you won't need anything else. 

Mrs Price and I are looking forward to seeing you!


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