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Summer term  

New term catch up

We are already 3 weeks in to this term. Eagle class have been busy learning about plants and reproduction, they have continued their learning on the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons and the impact of the Battle of Hastings. In literacy we are rewriting the book we have been reading - The Nowhere Emporium and they are looking great so far. In PE we have started learning archery - which has been really exciting. I have added some pictures to show what we have been up to over the last few weeks. 


End of term  

It's Easter

After 4 weeks back in school it is now the Easter Holidays. We had a great last day with an egg hunt. The children had to complete challenges before they could even start looking for eggs. I was so impressed with everyone on the last day - everyone was happy, showing kindness, engaged in activities and really finished the term on a high. I hope we all come back with the same attitude and approach to school for the final term.


Back in school  

Spring term learning 

We have enjoyed being back with our friends since lockdown and getting to play and work together. We have continued the work that we started during home learning. In literacy we are writing a guided tour of the water cycle to recap our science work from earlier in the term. In maths we have moved from fractions on to decimals. We continued our history work and have been researching and learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. 

In science we have been learning about micro organisms (take a look at some of our playdoh organsims). For DT we have designed and have started to make our moving models using cams. In PSHE we have focused on health me - this week we used the mini Annies to learn what to do in an emergency. Finally in computing we have been learning about programming and using the roams and logo. 


Home Learning  

Home Learning Completed! 

After 8 week of learning at home it is time to return to school. We finish of remote learning by starting our new history learning by finding out about the Vikings, we explored the effects of smoking, we have started reading the Nowhere Emporium, have nearly finished learning our fractions unit and have started to learn about cams for our models in DT. 

Last week we finished our spooky story and I have put a screen shots of a paragraph that has been written in one of our writing lessons. 

This week was also World Book day. We marked the day in our live lessons by solving problems about characters from Roald Dahl books. I have also enjoyed seeing the entries for our potato book character competition. 

We are now looking forward to getting back in the classroom. we have had a new delivery of books to explore, bikeability for year 5 and 6 and lots of fun learning planned. 

See you on Monday 


Week beginning 25th January  

Week 4

Another great week. We had 100% attendance at our morning lessons! This week we started our new class book - Stig of the Dump and finished our poems in shared writing. In maths we have finished our statistics unit and looked at pie charts and tables. In science we have learnt about evaporation and condensation. In geography we learnt about early settlements and selected the best sites for a new one. In RE we explored Hanukkah and in french we learnt how to order pizza and the correct way to some. For art we looked at creating perspective when using collage. What will we be up to next week? 


A Sample of our home learning  

Three weeks of remote learning

Over the last three weeks, Eagle class have been busy at home completing their daily learning. They have explored area, perimeter and graphs in maths. In literacy they have read and explored the story of the Firebird, have played with sentences when learning about relative clauses, dashes and apostrophes and have started to write a poem. They have investigated solids, liquids and gases and learnt who created the first fizz drink in science! They have looked at urban and rural areas and discovered 6 ways that land can be used in geography. In RE they have been exploring festivals and why these are important to people in the Jewish faith. In PSHE they have shared their goals and thought about the impact money will have on these dreams. In art they have explored landscapes and different perspectives. In French they have continued to learn about food and explored breakfasts and sandwiches. Finally in PE they have been exploring different ways to stay fit and healthy at home. They have definitely had a busy three weeks. I have attached a few snapshots of their learning. Their were hundreds of images to choose from so I will try and add more each week. Keep up the good work!!


Gingerbread Houses!  


Week 6  

Skipping, forest school and telling the time!

Skipping has taken over!! Our favourite past time currently is skipping with the long rope and everyone is getting very good! Most people have mastered running in when the rope is already swinging. 

In literacy we finished our Grinch newspaper articles. In maths year 4 and 5 have been revisiting telling the time, while the year 6 pupils had a go at some previous SATS paper. I was so impressed with the year 6's attitudes and approach and I was blown away by the outcomes. They were treated to some golden time on Friday for their hard work. 

We finished some of our learning across the curriculum: in history we finished our work by looking at Mayan clothes, we reviewed what we had learnt about sound in science and in RE with completed our work on how religion helps when times get tough. 


Week 5  

Clay, sound proofing and the Grinch

This week we started a new writing unit about the Grinch. We have started to write News reports about how he stole Christmas. In maths we have been finishing our work on algebra and division. 

For art we used our designs to make our Mayan pots inspired by the Gods. We are now waiting for them to dry out. We had a very cold and refreshing PE lesson playing end zone and enjoyed composing on the percussion instruments in music. 

In science we  investigated sound proofing and how we could stop sound from travelling. 


Week 4  

Times tables, telephones and Mayan Artefacts 

This week we have written our own ending to Hansel and Gretel in literacy. I have been so impressed with the effort children have put in to writing this term and we can definitely see some great progress. 

There were lots of different things going on in maths this week with algebra, long multiplication and times tables keeping us all busy. Times tables are really important so any extra help at home will be beneficial. 

In history we investigated some Mayan artefacts and discussed how we know about the past using different sources. We also found out more about the Gods and Goddesses. 

In science we learnt about why sounds got quieter the further they travelled. We also made string telephones and discussed how they worked. In PSHE we have looked at what 'normal' means and in RE we are learning about how religion helps people when times get tough. 


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