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Week beginning 29/6/20 

Are you ready for another week?

Did any of you take part in the Cornwall School Games last week. Some of the challenges were quite tricky! 

This week we are starting a new unit of literacy all about creating a museum. This week's lesson focus on exploring artefacts in a museum and how they describe the objects. I have uploaded four lessons four you to complete this week. 

For maths there is White Rose and Bitesize to choose from. Plus, we have looked at coordinates in school so I have uploaded a couple of activities for you to try at home. 

For the wider curriculum there is a science activity about our brain and making sense of things. For RE we are starting to look at Pilgrimages. For DT there is a project to design your own marble run. There are also some challenges for ICT to try. 

Don't forget you can look back to previous weeks and do work that you may have missed - there have been lots of art activities in the last few weeks plus there were project ideas for Africa or the Greeks. 

Spelling codes this week - will update when the website is running properly! 

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Week beginning 22/6/20 

Virtual School Games Week 

I hope you have had a lovely week.

Next week is the first Cornwall Virtual School Games! Children in school will be taking part across the week and because it is virtual, you can still take part at home!
Across the 5 days there are activities that you can complete to earn points for yourself and the school. Demonstration videos have released on the Virtual School Games page of the Active Cornwall website to help you understand what you need to do. (See links in document attached) There will be an opening ceremony video at 10am on Monday 22nd June on the Cornwall School Games Facebook page or Active Cornwall YouTube Channel (see link on document attached)
Below is the document showing you the different activities on each day and how to get involved. It will be up to parents/carers to fill in the results form each day. Each day’s challenges will begin at 10am with an email sent to all schools registered. We will put this link on our school Facebook page each day for you . Results must be submitted by 9am the following day on the specific day’s link so please don’t forget to fill it! The documents below will give you all the information you need. 

For maths this week, there is Bitesize/ white rose. I have also uploaded some reflection activities that we have been trying in school. 

In literacy, we are a little behind in school and still need time to finish our stories by editting and publishing. If you have finished I have attached a picture comprehension activity that we have tried in school. You could also plan and write your own story with the theme of wishes. If you want some SPAG work, the daily lessons on Bitesize are good to dip into. We will start our next literacy unit next week. 

As there are alot of sports activities to do this week, I have only uploaded a couple of other activities. First there is some work on Gaudi and creating animal art. There is a transition booklet for year 6 to do and I have re uploaded the project ideas for geography and history if you wanted an ongoing project. 

Kahoot codes 
Year 4 03348546
Year 5 0479398
Year 6 017714

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Week beginning 15/6/20 

Where has the sun gone?

I'm not enjoying the change in weather at the minute, I have had to put proper shoes back on, not just flip flops! How is everyone? I must apologise for some errors in the literacy last week - as we were using it in class I spotted missed letters and changes in tense. I do apologise. I have seen some great writing on Seesaw, so well done! If you are finding some of the work too tricky, just do part of it or email me and I'll send an alternative. It is difficult to upload work that is perfect for all.

This week we are going to finish writing the Wishgranter story. On Monday and Tuesday I have given you some writing targets and then for the rest of the week, you can just write freely so you have a complete story.

In maths you have access to White Rose/ Bitesize. I have also uploaded some of the shape work we have been doing in school. This week we have learnt all about quadrilaterals.

For art we are going to learn a little bit about Frida Kahlo. I have uploaded to texts, one is easier and one is harder pick which is best. There is then a drawing activity about your inner and outer self.

Last week was world ocean's day so we looked at the different layers of the ocean at school. Can you find out about the layers and make a model including some of the animals that live in each part? I have attached a PowerPoint with some information and some photos to inspire you!

For year 6, I will try and upload an activity each week to think about secondary school. This week it is looking at same and different about the two schools.

Don't forget there are some great geography and history lessons on Bitesize so why not pick one that interests you? I have also uploaded a Africa and Ancient Greeks topic grid if you wanted a longer term project. The year 5 and 6 have touched upon Ancient Greece last year but there is so much to learn about this area of history.

Spelling codes Year 4 0436420 Year 5 07081200 Year 6 0157107

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Week beginning 8/6/20 

It's a new week!

It was lovely to see some of your wish jars, science investigations and flower art from last week. I am very impressed by the work that is happening at home!

This week we will begin to write our story of the Wishmaker. This was tricky to upload as documents, but I have tried my best. Each day we will focus on a small section of the video and will have two writing targets to achieve in that section. Think of each part as a paragraph. Don't forget to keep reading and learning your spellings. 

Your maths is White Rose or Bitesize. In class last week we started to look at shapes and used some Tangrams. I have attached a pack for you to try at home if you want. Don't forget you can logon to times table rock stars as well. 

For Science this week we are looking at ice. We are focusing on fair testing and making sure we control all variables except the one we are investigating.

For art we are looking at Van Gogh and his Starry Night. There is a fact sheet about Van Gogh for you to read and I would like you to look at the Starry Night piece and use this as inspiration for your own landscape picture. Think about the swirling patterns in the sky. 

For history/ geography, why not try one of the lessons on Bitesize. The children at school were telling about a lesson from last Monday about the Anglo Saxons. 

We have forest school on Tuesday, so try and get outside and explore the world around you. The forest activities ideas are still attached to last week if you want some inspiration. 

Kahoot codes this week 

Year 4 08191569
Year 5 03655386

Year 6 06460498

I hope you have a lovely week, let me know if you need any help!

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Week beginning 1st June  

Back to work after a sunny half term! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weather over half term. The work uploaded each week will replicate some of the work pupils will be doing in school, some of this work is easier than others to upload as activities.

Maths will continue to be White Rose for those who have requested the weekly worksheets - if you would like to be added to the mailing list let us know. There are also daily lessons on Bitesize you could try.

For literacy we will be starting a unit of work based on a short film. I have added an activity for each day this week (not Monday as children aren't coming back to school until Tuesday.) Please resist from watching the film until asked. We will be working towards writing our own version of the story. Plus spellings and reading. 

On Tuesday for science we are investigating fizz pop rockets in school and carrying out a fair investigation. I have uploaded a document with similar style science activities - but it depends what you have at home. If you're like me I have struggled to buy baking powder for weeks - some of the activities can be completed with any effervescent tablets. If you wanted a film pot to make your own rocket, I have a few spare that I can leave outside at school if anyone wants to pick one up - let me know.

On Wednesday in art we are looking at artist Georgia O'Keeffe. She said 'If I could paint a flower exactly as I see it, no one would see what I see because I would paint it small like the flower is small. So, I said to myself - I'll paint what I see - what the flower is to me - but I'll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it.' Search for examples of her flower paintings on line and then try your own up close painting. If you don't have flowers in you garden you could select a photo online and zoom in to paint.

On Thursday we are having forest school - so why not try some outdoor activities - I have attached some forest challenge cards you could try

On Friday we are doing free choice - I'm not sure what the children in school will pick yet - it could be PE, cooking, gardening, art, games… why don't you choose something to do at home!

Like always you are free to do all/ some/ none of the activities above, it is entirely up to you.

Have a lovely week

Spelling codes this week

Year 4 09309609

Year 5 07007074

Year 6 01506575

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Week beginning 18/5/20 

It's the last week before half term!

Hi everyone, I can't believe it has been 8 weeks since I have seen most of you. I hope everyone is ok, we are at the end of an email if you need us for any reason, don't hesitate getting in touch. 

This week would be a good opportunity to finish anything you have started and tie up all loose ends. I have emailed everyone who wanted the maths worksheets and there are also daily lessons on BBC bitesize.

For literacy you will find writing projects attached to the last two weeks that you can still give a go, or I thought it might be a good opportunity to write your autobiography! I have attached a little help sheet to guide you - don't forget to ask people at home lots of questions so you can write in detail. Don't forget to take time to read regularly.

I have attached another science experiment that you could try at home and for topic I have suggested using the app Popplet or a piece of paper and a pen to mind map everything you have learnt so far. 

Your spellings are attached as well. 
Finally there is another quiz on Seesaw for you to try! 

Kahoot codes this week 

Year 4 spellings - 06243670
Year 5 spellings - 06962458
Year 6 spellings - 04979198
Times tables - 0389576
Arithmetic (year 6) - 09721895

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Week beginning 11/5/20 

What are the options this week?

I hope you have had a good week. Did you do anything to mark VE day? I am continuing to be impressed by the pictures I'm receiving showing me some of the things you have been up to, you have definitely been busy.

This week there are the usual options for maths, the spellings for this week, for literacy I have uploaded the writing activities from last week again - some of you may still be working on them, if you finished your year group why not try another? I have upload another science investigation you could try and for DT I have added some help sheets to help you make a moving model - can you make a model inspired by your topic? If you are looking for some ICT work try this website that helps you with coding on scratch or similar programmes

There are loads of resources online that you could explore including BBC bitesize where there are three lessons each day.

So, there are lots of choices to help you put together a routine for your day. Don't forget cooking, garden, painting, drawing, cleaning, organising and keeping fit are all fantastic activities to do at home.

The winner for last weeks quiz on Seesaw has been announced.

Kahoot codes this week

Year 4 spellings 08027810

Year 5 spellings 05649842

Year 6 spellings 09002429

Arithmetic (year 6) 02124129

Times tables 0230989

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Week beginning 4/5/20 

What can I do this week?

Its the beginning of a new month (my favourite month!). The work for this week follows a similar pattern to the previous weeks. However, this week I have downloaded some literacy activities from Talk for Writing - there is a pack of each year group plus a challenge pack for anyone in year 6 which is aimed at years 6,7 and 8. There are also daily activities on bitesize if you are enjoying the activities so far. There is a project activity and I have put an idea for a science experiment at home - please don't waste any food but if you have spares you can give this a go, it still works even if you are missing one of the ingredients. I will email maths worksheets to everyone who has requested them, let me know if you would like a copy as well.

Finally this week, if you are using Seesaw, you will find a quiz, where I am the host!! There will be a small prize for the winning competitor, so give it a go if you have time! 

Kahoot codes this week

Year 4 spellings 01250645

Year 5 spellings 0660707

Year 6 spellings 06504987

Times tables 06818923

Arithmetic 06252259

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Week beginning 27/4/20 

Some ideas for this week.

This week there is a range of activities/ ideas for you to try. Bitesize have started daily lessons on their website for each year group. If you would like a daily literacy lesson I would use these - like the White Rose Maths- it uses videos to teach the children the idea for the day and then there are interactive activities and a worksheet link if you want to use it. I have also uploaded a National Trust competition and some reading challenges to give you some options.

White Rose has proven to be quite popular and I have seen lots of you using the videos and worksheets. If you have done these from the start you may find that from next week you don't have access to the worksheet to use with it. The work will be linking to the activities on bitesize, I will look each day next week at how it is working to see what we need to do to move forward. If your not up to date on White Rose you will have lessons as normal this week!

Your spelling lists are below - well done to anyone who recognised my mistake in the year 5 spellings last week, you had the same word twice! Whoops!

For your project this week I have suggested a geography based activity for you to try and another art idea for anyone who is interested. There is also a pack to help you to make a time capsule. Alongside this I hope everyone finds time to stay active, be creative and enjoy time with your family.

Remember there is no expectation on families to be doing a specific amount of work, you need a routine that works for you at home. If you need any help or support please send me an email. You will find this weeks activities below. 

Kahoot codes this week 

Year 4  Spellings  06019042
Year 5  Spellings  03991621
Year 6  Spellings  06158086
Times tables - 09353056
Arithmetic - 02863953
Just for fun - Animals, animals, animals - 09196809

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Week beginning 20th April  

Some ideas for this week!

Its the start of a new week! I hope everyone is well. It has been lovely to see some pictures of what you have been up to on Seesaw - I have included a little snap shot for this week's picture. If you would like to share any work/m pictures with us, please email Mrs Couchman or me and we will send you your logon details. 

I have attached documents in a similar format to last week. This week you will find: spellings with activities for the week, reading challenges to choose from to link to the book you are reading, some writing starters, the link to White Rose Maths with some additional challenges and a timeline activity to link to your chosen project. 

Don't forget you do not have to use these resources, what you do at home is your choice and needs to fit in with your life, commitments and resources. I will upload some ideas/ resources/ links each week to give you somewhere to start. If you needs any help please let us know. 

Kahoot codes for this week:

Year 4 spellings: 04526862
Year 5 spellings: 03927075
Year 6 spellings: 06207765
Year 4/5 timestables: 06496360
Year 6 Arithmetic: 09912578
Just for fun - Roald Dahl Quiz: 09942496

I hope you have a great week 

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