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Spring term 

It has been a chilly start to the new year with a few sprinklings of snow in January. As we approached half term we focused on our mental health. It was children's mental health week. All classes spent time focusing on wellbeing in different ways. We had slower starts to the days with mindful activities, we had afternoons with hot chocolate, gardening and exercise and consider which activities help us to feel good, be calm and destress. During the week, it was also Safer internet day -  EYFS and key stage 1 looked at what to do when something scares you or worries you online. In key stage 2 we looked at techniques programs and apps use to persuade us to do something that we were not planning to do including staying online for longer - prizes, streaks, rewards etc. We also reminded children of age ratings on games. We have lots of information for parents about online safety in the keeping safe section. 


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