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We all had a lovely time on our trip this week. We enjoyed the train journey to Newquay where we completed an I spy sheet and ate biscuits. We then enjoyed a nice walk through Newquay in the sunshine. Once at the aquarium we split into two groups. We got to look around the aquarium and see some fascinating sea creatures and even got up close to some in the rockpool encounter workshop. Luckily it was nice weather so we got to eat lunch on the beach. We finished off the day by having a nice ice lolly before catching the train back to Par. All the children were fantastically well behaved and they all had a lovely day.


Week 5 


This week in art, we created these beautiful bug inspired mosaics. It took a lot of perseverance, but we are really happy with how they turned out.   


Week 4 

What a Great Wall!

As you know, we have been learning all about China. 

This week we decided that we would like to have a go at building our own Great Wall of Lanlivery, inspired by the Great Wall of China. 

After completing our designs, we took to the forest to build our gigantic structures.

We worked in teams. 

We couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Our walls stretched all the way around the forest grounds. 

We were exhausted (and slightly muddy) after taking a guided tour of each of the walls.


Week 3 


Around September to October, Jewish families celebrate the Festivals of Tabernacles, (which is also called Sukkot) by building a sukkah.

During Sukkot, Jews remember when God freed them from slavery in Egypt. They left Egypt and wandered in the desert for forty years before they reached the Promised Land of Israel.

Along their way, they built temporary homes out of dry palms and branches. God looked after them by giving them enough food and water to live on.

The sukkah is a hut where Jews lived during their years of living in the desert. A sukkah must have three walls and a roof.

Hairy Christmas Heads...

How are your 'Hairy Christmas Heads' looking?

Some of the children made a super sized mascot for our classroom. This is how it's looking. It's nearly time for a haircut.

Please feel free to share your photos with us. 


Spring Term Week 2 

In science this week, we learnt about climate change and the effects of green house gases. 

We decided to conduct an experiment to see how green house gases contribute towards the melting of the polar ice-caps and global warming. 

We considered how we could make our experiment a fair test. After agreeing on what would remain the same and what would be different, we hypothesized what the outcome might be.  

We predicted that the 'ice-cap' that was unaffected by global warming would melt at a slower rate than the 'ice-cap'.

And.....we were correct!

This experiment has helped to remind us of the 'Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose' message. 


Happy New Year 

Happy New Year

We hope you had a lovely break over the festive period. It is great to see everyone back at school. 

It's the start of another exciting term for the Jays Class.

We are beginning by exploring the geography of China, as well as some Chinese customs and traditions. In February, we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with a party, where we will even get to sample some Chinese food!

In science, we will be considering the environment and what we can do to help protect it. Parents and guardians be warned, you may very well be challenged  about your energy consumption by your children. 

We will be doing lots of other exciting things too and there will be lots of photos to follow.


Week 12  

This week we got busy decorating our classroom. After putting our Christmas tree up, we made snowflakes for the windows and a paperchain long enough to go around the perimeter of the entire room. It took a lot of team work and effort, but we are super happy with how 
festive it looks and feels. 

In PE we had another go at street surfing. This time, we worked in pairs. Here is Lowenna helping Matilda to stand up on her board and to travel around the playground. 


Week 11 

This week in PE we had a go at archery. It was so much fun!

In DT we continue to work on our mechanical posters. First, we made prototypes to test out our ideas. After that we began to work on our final products. More pictures to follow...

During Guided Reading, we learnt about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving. Although none of us were celebrating it at home, it was good to reflect on what we are grateful for in our own lives. 

We have produced some excellent writing in our English lessons this week. We set class targets to; use our time well; apply our handwriting practice; think about spellings and to proof read and edit our work. EVERYONE has made excellent progress and deserves a pat on the back. 


Week 10 

Anti-Bullying Week

On Monday, we started the week by reflecting on bullying and what it means. We wore odd socks in order to show that we understand that everyone is different. We helped to create a display to remind us what to do if we feel that we (or our friends) are being bullied. We also made sure that we used kind words everyday. 

Design and Technology 

We continue to explore how make mechanisms with moving parts in our DT lessons. We used leavers, pivots and guides to create a more complex mechanism than last weeks waving hand. 

The result was this simply stunning, slithering snake. By pushing and pulling the tail (the input), the snakes head moved from side-to-side (the output). 

Now that we were feeling more confident with how to construct mechanisms, we were given a design brief and criteria . We were asked to create  a poster with moving parts that will promote recycling in and around our school.  Here are our designs, they are fantastic. Next week we will be making  prototypes in order to evaluate our plans.

Children In Need Day

Thank you so much for your donations of money and delicious cakes. We had so much fun! Here we all are in our pajamas. Luckily nobody feel asleep during lessons...


Week 9 

Cornish History

On Monday, Caroline from Meadow  Barns visited Jays Class. She talked to us about Mr. Treffry and the history of mines and engine houses around the local area. Caroline explained that she is trying to reinstate the waterways previously used by mines, in order to generate green energy. We will be hearing more from her as she has lots of interesting projects on the horizon.  

Design and Technology 

This week in DT, we started to explore mechanics and moving parts.

After carefully assembling the components, we created a simple mechanism with an input and output

The result was this super waving hand with a reciprocating and oscillating movement. 

Street Surfing at Lanlivery

In PE this week we tried Street Surfing. We all had so much fun that we could not stop talking about it all day (literally). 


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