Class Blog for Jays

Worm Hotel 

Learning about how soil is formed has been very exciting! We wanted to see it in action and so have made our very own mini-compost bins. Over they next few weeks we will be observing the process, before returning our worm volunteers back to their homes in time for Christmas! 



In science we have been learning about rock formation and exploring how fossils are made. 
This week we looked at some real fossils and had a go at making our own ammonites. Although they look tasty, they are made of salt-dough, so you might end up very thirsty if you try to eat them!  


Week One 

It's our first week back after what was hopefully a restful half term.

We have started our History Topic where we are learning all about the Stone Age.

In Maths, we have been using formal methods to add and subtract 2/3-digit numbers.

During our science lessons this week, we explored how different types of rocks are formed and what names are given to them. 


This Week... 

This week have been working really hard to improve our handwriting. 

Great work Jays!

Why not show off and practice your new skills at home?


Raksha Bandhan 

This week we learnt all about the Hindu Festival of Raksha Bandha. We made these bracelets, they are traditionally exchanged between brothers and sisters to show their love and appreciation for one another. It was great fun!


Week One 

Wow, what a busy first week back!

This week we have been writing traditional tails, learning about animals and their babies, drawing self portraits and much more... 

You have all been brilliant and it has been so lovely to see you all again. 

See you next week.


Welcome Back! 


We are so excited to see you all on Monday.

We have been working hard to make our classroom look as lovely as possible for your return.

As you will see, it is looking a little different. We hope you like it!

You will have your own peg to hang your coats and bags on, your own desk place, your own pencil case, your own drawer to keep your books in... Wow, how lucky are you?

Some of you might be feeling a little nervous about come back to school. That's OK, but we promise that you will be just fine and that we will do everything we can to make you feel happy and safe. 

Have a lovely, restful weekend and we will see you very soon!


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