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This week Year 1 and 2 children have been investigating forces. We explored looked at a variety of toys, old and new in order to establish what forces were used in order to make them move! 


Let's Go Fly a Kite 

In Jays Class we have started to design and make our own kites. With any luck they will be finished by the end of this week. In the mean time, these are the prototypes we made last week. Watch theis space...



This week we have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. We have been looking at his work, discussing how it makes us feel, and how effective cubism is to create a portrait. The focus of our art lesson was a distorted portrait using the cubism technique in bold, block colours. The medium chosen was oil pastels because it produces bright colours. The children enjoyed exploring how best to use the oil pastels to get the desired effect. 

This week we have been baking.

This week we have been learning about the main foods that the Ancient Egyptians ate. We learnt that due to the River Nile flooding, the land around it was rich for growing crops. Wheat would grow in abundance and so the staple food of the Ancient Egyptians for both poor and rich people was bread. So, this week we have baked fruit buns and flat bread. The children read the instructions first and learnt the importance of doing each step in order. They enjoyed mixing the mixture to a dough and getting their hands dirty shaping the dough into round balls. They were amazed to see the difference in size after we gave the buns an hour to prove! As the buns were baking, the children could smell the cinnamon, fruity bread and got very excited!

Forest School this week

This week in Forest School, Jays have been busy making frames from logs and twine which was then used as a television to perform a documentary to their friends. They worked in teams to come up with some very interesting facts to teach their audience about Ancient Egypt. The children thought really hard about how to make it appealing to watch. They were very entertaining and all did a great job!



This week we have been learning all about ancient Egyptian mummies. We enjoyed wrapping each other up in 'bandages'. Now we are busy writing up instructions to teach everyone else how to do it too.


Our Values...



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