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Week 6 

Drumroll please...

Our beautiful handmade birds look superb in our classroom now that they are on display. It is difficult to appreciate them in a photograph, but they are  bright and cheerful and they make us all smile. 


This week, we took our RE lesson out into the forest. As you may remember, we have been learning about Judaism. We decided to have a go at making a scroll similar to the Jewish special text called the Torah.

First, we dyed some paper using tea. After that we wrote some letters from the Hebrew alphabet (this was tricky because we had to remember to write them from right to left). Next, we constructed our scrolls using sticks. Then, we rolled our scrolls and tied them using wool.

After that, we found a suitable pointing stick similar to a Yad. Finally, we built a box from  materials that we found in the forest. After making them, we placed our scrolls inside, this represented the Ark that a Torah is kept in inside a Synagogue


In Science we learnt more about the habitats of hedgehogs. We used natural materials to create a mini collage

We used what we had learnt to find a suitable home and some food for them and we also had a lot of fun!


Thank you very much for all of your hard work at home so far this term. George made a rainforest habitat in a box. I'm sure you'll agree that it is very good. He must have spent a long time making it. Well done George!


Week 5 

Bird Feeders

In English we have been learning how to write instructions for making  bird feeders.

We tested our step by step guides, and in the forest produced these lovely treats to feed our feathered friends as the weather turns colder. We hope you have found a suitable branch or post  to hang them from in your garden or local woodland. 

Art Update ...

Whilst these birds won't be visiting our feeders, I'm sure you'll agree that they are looking beautiful. There is still some work to do though, so more to follow. 


Week 4 

This week in art we made our own collage paper. We printed patterns onto coloured paper using natural and manmade objects  in order to created these beautiful designs. Then we photocopied the paper to give it a glossy finish and so that we could share it. 

Inspired by Mark Hearld’s birds, we began to explore textures. We began to layer the paper onto bird templets using different cutting and tearing techniques. 

We plan to create an ambitious art installation in our classroom.

More to follow in the coming weeks... 

In RE we have been studying Judaism. We have been lucky enough to have some artifacts to look at during our lessons including a prayer tallit , a copy of the Torah and the Star of David


Week 3 

Welcome to our Bug Hotel

In our Science lessons we have been learning about habitats. 

We are very proud to have opened our very own luxurious Bug Hotel.

Construction is still under way, so if you have any broken pots, bricks, pinecone etc. at home, we would very much appreciate them. 

We are now taking bookings, but we request that all guests should have at least six legs and antennas. 

We had a visitor

Hi, I am Finley. I came to school for a visit. The children were very kind and gentle to me. They made me a bed using their jumpers.

On Thursday we went on a treasure hunt in our local area (the forest) as part of our Geography lesson. 

We used maps to find our route to the treasure, looking for landmarks along the way and thinking very carefully about the directions we needed to take. 

It was so much fun and we all won a prize! 

Harvest Festival in a Christian Church 


On Friday, we were lucky enough to be invited to Lanlivery Church.

We learnt all about where our food comes from, how Christians celebrate Harvest Festival and some songs.

We also donated some tins of food to help others.

It was a really interesting morning and we really enjoyed it.  


Week 2 


This week... 

This week we have been exploring habitats. We have been using the forest and garden to investigate what living things need in order to survive and what makes the best homes for them. 

We carried out a number of investigations and recorded our findings. We used the data to create charts and pictograms.

We all now have a better understanding of life processes and habitats. We cant wait to get outside again next week to start building a Bug Hotel and for Geography, where we will follow and make maps. 

This week (on Friday) I will be sending out some homework. I ask that you continue to read at home as much as possible. In addition, I will send a Maths worksheet to compliment the work we are doing at school and a topic grid to enhance out learning at school. 


Welcome Back  

Welcome Back

Hello. We've had a busy week getting back into the school routine. 

It's been fun and we have spent lots of time getting to know each other.

We have already been hard at work learning about Life Processes in our Science Lessons, how to say the names of colours in French and we have also been thinking about our friendships and life goals in PSHE.  
Next week we will start working on Story Writing in English and Place Value in Math's.

Please remember that PE kits should be worn on Mondays. 
It would also be really useful to keep some Forest clothes at school so that we can get outside to do our learning whenever possible. 


Our Values...



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We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



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We are passionate about learning.

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