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The Three Billy Goats Gruff 

This week we have started learning the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The children have been practicing retelling the story using the magical story cloaks, acted out the story using small world, and made a goat or a troll. We also looked at different bridges around the world and why they were built. The children were really interested in Tower bridge in London, we watched a video of the bridge rising to let a ship through. The children then made their own bridges and talked to the rest of the class about them. 


Weekly challenge  

Can you make a troll? Either 2D or 3D. Where does your troll live?


Sounds of the week 

er air ear ure 


Reading with friends 

This week we have been focusing on how we can share and enjoy stories with our friends. We have been practising writing our numbers and making sure they are the right way round. We have also been learning how to play some board games so we can play them without an adult.


Weekly challenges 


Can you practice writing the numbers 1-10? Can you write them the right way round?


Can you find different things to count around your house?


Sounds of the week 

ur ow oi


Round up of the week 

This week we have started looking at the 'Three little pigs' story. The children have been busy designing and building houses for the 3 pigs, making pigs out of dough, making a collage house and learning to draw and label a pig. In forest school we have been looking for different birds and seeing if we can identify what birds they are. We have then been recording this so we can submit our results to the RSPB birdwatch. The children have also been learning a new method  of painting where they get to mix up and make their own colours so look out for their lovely paintings around the classroom. 


Weekly challenges 


Can you look for different birds through your window and draw them? Can you find out what birds they are?


Can you draw a picture of a bird you have seen in your garden or through your window. 


Sounds of the week  

oo ar or 



Weekly challenge for reception and pre school

Draw a picture of your favourite character from Goldilocks and reception children write a sentence about why they are your favourite. 


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