Class Blog for Little Foresters

Week 6 

All children this week have enjoyed a new set up in our outdoor area. We made assault courses using a variety of different equipment and practiced our catching skills with beanbags. In maths we have all been focusing on recognising numbers either to 5, 10 or 20. We have also spent time focusing on our pencil grip and trying to remember our pinchy fingers. We had a lovely time in the forest this week where we shared the story of 'The Little Acorn' and learnt about the life cycle of an acorn and how trees change through the seasons. We then created some collage trees that show how the leaves on the trees change. 


Week 5 

This week we have learnt more about the local area around the school. The year 1 children went for a walk around Lanlivery where we walked to the church, the pub, Red Moor school, the shop and the park. Once back at school we drew all the places on the map and found the correct symbols to add to our maps. In PE this week the we have learnt how to control a ball when rolling it and how to stop a ball. We have also enjoyed doing some workouts to jump start Jonny. We had a big focus on cutting skills this week and how to correctly hold a pair of scissors to be successful in cutting the paper. For our forest sessions this week we have learnt about harvest. We enjoyed watching some videos about the different ways things can be harvested, sorting foods into fruit, vegetables and grains and then started prepping the veg patch ready to plant some new vegetables. 


Week 4 

This week we have looked at reading maps in geography and and what all the different symbols mean. This will lead into us creating a map of Lanlivery next week. In art we have been learning to create observational drawings. We started by looking at what shapes we could see in the object we are drawing and looking at which is the best place to start when drawing. Although it was a bit of a wet week the children still manged to get out in the forest. We learnt about woodland creatures, what they like to eat and their habitats. We went looking for animal homes in the forest and finished off by making our own woodland creatures with pine cones. The children also enjoyed putting on their waterproofs and getting out in the rain and splashing in puddles. 



Week 3

We have come to the end of week three already. This week in geography we have continued learning about our local area. We looked at what ‘local’ means by looking at the school on google earth. We then zoomed out to see the village, then the town, county, country and finally where in the world we live. In art we have been looking at selecting good colours for the objects we are colouring and practicing colouring within the lines. We started our Forest school session by sharing the story ‘Coming home’ which led us to learning about migration and what this means for different animals. The pre-school children have been learning and practising their colours where they have been on colour hunts, drawn pictures using the different colours and sorted objects by their colour. We also enjoyed our new exercise programme ‘Jump start Jonny’. The children have loved learning some new dances and listening to some new songs.




This week we have been focusing on our 3 classroom rules; We are kind, We look after our things, We help each other tidy up. The children have been fantastic at tidying up and putting everything away in its correct place. In the forest this week the children have been learning about the 4 seasons. The pre-school have been learning about the different things we would wear in different weather. The reception children have been learning the names of the 4 seasons and how to describe those seasons. Year 1 have been looking at how trees and plants change through the seasons. In art the children have been exploring the different marks you can make with a pencil and how the marks can be used to create different affects. Please check seesaw for the different sounds and words the reception and year 1 children have been learning this week.


First week back 

Welcome back! The children were all very excited to see each other and spend time together. This week we have focused on settling back into school life, making friends, exploring our new classroom and getting to know each other. 


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