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Home learning 26/2/21 

This week has been a short week but we have still fit a lot in. In history we have started to learn about Alexander Graham Bell and how he invented the telephone. Our topic in PSHE this half term is ‘Healthy me’. This week we have looked at what being healthy means. We look forward to book week next week. Don’t forget to make a vegetable into a character from a book.


Home learning 12/2/21 

This week we have focused on Chinese New Year. The children have created some lovely Chinese dragons and lanterns. We learnt about how the Chinese name the years after animals and the story that led to this. It was Safer Internet day this week and the theme this year was ‘An internet we can trust’ The children learnt about how not everything we read on the internet is true, how the internet isn’t owned by anyone which is why anything can be put on there, how not to ever give out any personal details on the internet and that if we ever find anything on the internet that we are not sure about that we should tell a trusted adult. In literacy this week the year ones have written some fantastic poems where they have used metaphors and rhyming couplets. Please encourage your children to have a break from screen use over the half term. Have a lovely half term.


Home learning 4/2/21 

Another busy week of home learning this week. I have been so impressed with all the work the children have been posting on seesaw this week. It has been hard choosing some work to post on here as all the children's work has been fantastic. In literacy this week we have been learning how to make an information booklets. The children have all created a booklet about penguins. In geography we have finished off our topic of hot and cold countries where we compared the facts we had found out about Australia and the Antarctic. This week was 'Children's mental health week' and this years theme was 'Express yourself'. In PSHE we looked at different ways to express ourselves and how its important to do things that make us feel happy. In design and technology the children were learning how to draw and cut out templates. They then used these skills to make a parachute.  


Home learning 29/1/21 

This week there has been some fantastic pieces of work put onto seesaw. In Geography the children have been finding out about Antarctica and its climate. In PSHE the children have been taking on challenges and reflecting on how they went. In art the children continued to look at warm and cool colours, they recreated a painting of a sunset where they had to focus on the painting and how the artist created the warm colours. In our Literacy we looked at the story 'The Runaway Iceberg' where the children took a sentence and made it better by changing some of the words for more interesting ones and adding in adjectives. 


Home learning 22/1/21 

Round up of the week

The children have done some fantastic work at home this week. In literacy the year 1's have created some fantastic sentences to rewrite parts of the 'Lost and found' story. Our new favourite word this week was brobdingnagian. In art we have been focusing on creating pictures using cool colours and I've been impressed with the pictures I have seen. In PSHE we have been thinking about times where we have worked as part of a team and why teamwork is important. 



Here is some of the things the children have been up to this week at home. Have a lovely Christmas. 



We have had a festive week. I hope you all enjoyed watching the children's nativity. This week we have been looking at what we can do for others over the festive period. We have made cards and Christmas decorations for the residents at Penmount Grange. The children have also looked at the Christmas shoe box appeal and as a class we have sent off a box to a child in another country. 



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our class. This week we have had a new addition to the class. Meet Elfie! He has been causing a bit of trouble in our classroom! We have recorded our take on the nativity this week which we can't wait to share with you next week. 



We have definitely enjoyed some drier weather this week. The pre-school have explored moving water by pouring it down drainpipes and guttering. We have been looking at chain reactions by setting up dominoes and making good domino courses. Forest school this week was all about hedgehogs. The children learnt some new facts about hedgehogs and then had a go at building some hedgehog homes in the forest. We also explored making electric circuits to see if we could light a bulb or make a propeller work. 



This week we started looking at the nativity story and why Christians retell the story at Christmas. All the children explored different ways of melting ice. We continued to look at the gunpowder. In forest this week we found out about spiders and we went on a spider hunt. We thought we would find lots, but we only found 1! We also enjoyed doing some art with leaves. 

This week the reception children have continued to recap the sounds they have already learnt and we looked at tricky word the again. Year 1's have learnt the following sounds this week:


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