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Week 6 

Although its been a short first week back we have fit a lot in! This week the children started the week by drawing or writing about how they celebrated the Jubilee. In the forest the children have been learning about grass and exploring the difference between the grass found in different areas of the forest. They then made some grass heads to see if they can grow their own grass. In art the year 1 children have started a new topic based on sculptures. This week they made some snail shells using an etching technique to create the lines and patterns. The pre-school children this week have been playing lots of listening games and listening to stories to see if they can answer questions about them. We finished off the week by having an ice cream party as the children had earnt all their 10 class smiley faces. 


Jubilee celebration 

This week has been full of Jubilee celebrations. The children have done a variety of craft activities; making bunting, flags, crowns, stamps and queen portraits. In literacy the children wrote acrostic poems about the Jubilee. We also went to the church and re-enacted the Queens Coronation where all the children had the opportunity to be the king or queen. The children all looked fantastic in their Sunday best for the Jubilee garden party. It was lovely to see so many people at the garden party and I know all the children had a lovely time playing all the traditional games and and enjoying some tasty treats. 


Week 4 

We all had a lovely time on our trip this week. We enjoyed the train journey to Newquay where we completed an I spy sheet and ate biscuits. We then enjoyed a nice walk through Newquay in the sunshine. Once at the aquarium we split into two groups. We got to look around the aquarium and see some fascinating sea creatures and even got up close to some in the rockpool encounter workshop. Luckily it was nice weather so we got to eat lunch on the beach. We finished off the day by having a nice ice lolly before catching the train back to Par. All the children were fantastically well behaved and they all had a lovely day. 


Week 3 

We enjoyed some nice weather this week. The children had fun doing some large outdoor painting. In literacy we have finished off our current Little Red Riding Hood book focus by writing a new end to the story. The children wrote some fantastic endings and worked hard to make their writing neat. In history we learnt about longboats and the children had a go at designing and making their own. 


Week 2 

This week in literacy we have learnt the Little Red Riding Hood story. The reception and year one children all made some fantastic wanted posters for the wolf. In history we looked at how cars have changed and we looked at the differences between the first car and a car from today. In the forest this week the children have been learning about bees and what we can do to help and protect them. The children all helped to make some bee homes out of bamboo to hang around the forest. 


Week 1 

We have had a very busy first week back. We have some new topics/focus areas in lots of our subjects and the children have enjoyed finding out what they will be learning about over the next few weeks. In history we started looking at how transport has changed through time and we placed different types of transport on a timeline to show when they were invented. In art we looked at 3D models and how we think they were created. In ICT we started looking at word processing and practiced typing our name and some short sentences. In the forest we have all planted a sunflower seed and we will see who can grow the tallest sunflower. 



Eden project

We had a lovely trip to the Eden project on Monday. We did a rainbow workshop where we looked at the different colours of fruit and vegetables and created a rainbow with them. We also learnt about how bees pollinate flowers. We then went around the rainforest biome looking for the different colours of the rainbow. We were lucky that there was a break in the rain at lunch time and we managed to get outside and explore some of the outdoor areas. After lunch we then did an art lesson in the mediterranean biome. The children drew a variety of different plants, fruits and flowers. 


Week 12 

This week was a very quiet week with so many children off ill! We visited the church to learn about Easter. All the children completed a carousel of 6 activities where they learnt about different parts of the 'Easter' story. We have also taken the opportunity to get out into the forest this week to do a bit of a tidy up. We moved logs around and collected up lots of loose sticks and branches. 


Week 11 

What lovely weather we have had this week. We have been able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. This week in history we learnt about the life of Matthew Henson and how he was thought to be the first to discover the north pole. Our forest school focus this week was fire. We learnt how to keep safe around fire, safety around matches and what to do in a fire. We then enjoyed safely using candles to make smores. In literacy we have continued to learn about different storytelling techniques. We created story maps and used some magical storytelling cloaks to retell the story of 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We will record this next week and send it to parents. The pre-school children this week have been focusing on finding the different resources they need independently and putting them back when they have finished. All the children also worked hard to make some beautiful mothers day cards. 


Spring week 10 

It was science week this week and this years theme was 'Growing'. We focused on the life cycle of a frog. We observed the tadpoles we have in school and drew pictures of what they look like at the moment and the children discussed what they think will happen next. The children are all very excited to watch them grow and change into frogs. In PE this week we have learnt the best way to hold a racket and how to keep control over the racket. In the forest we have been looking for the different flowers that are starting to bloom and we made some collages to match them. In history we learnt about Ibn Battuta and the travels he went on. We also discussed how the recording of findings have changed over the years for example Ibn Battuta recorded his findings by drawing whereas explorers nowadays would take photographs.


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