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We have definitely enjoyed some drier weather this week. The pre-school have explored moving water by pouring it down drainpipes and guttering. We have been looking at chain reactions by setting up dominoes and making good domino courses. Forest school this week was all about hedgehogs. The children learnt some new facts about hedgehogs and then had a go at building some hedgehog homes in the forest. We also explored making electric circuits to see if we could light a bulb or make a propeller work. 



This week we started looking at the nativity story and why Christians retell the story at Christmas. All the children explored different ways of melting ice. We continued to look at the gunpowder. In forest this week we found out about spiders and we went on a spider hunt. We thought we would find lots, but we only found 1! We also enjoyed doing some art with leaves. 

This week the reception children have continued to recap the sounds they have already learnt and we looked at tricky word the again. Year 1's have learnt the following sounds this week:



This week we have been continuing our focus on Guy Fawkes. We have started to find out about the Gunpowder plot. Ask your children what they found out. In PE we explored different ways of moving and how to effectively stop. The children all created their own leaf art creations by looking at the textures and lines on leaves. In forest the children have been exploring sticks. The pre-school were comparing them by their length and reception were ordering them by size.

In phonics this week reception have been recapping all the sounds and tricky words they have learnt. In year 1 have learnt all the tricky words for their current phase so we have been recapping them. Year 1 have learnt the following sounds:



This week we have started our new topic 'The Gunpowder Plot'. We have found out about who Guy Fawkes was, what things he would have used and compared them to modern day objects, such as lanterns and torches. In art the children have been learning how to independently mix paints to create new colours. They have then used these colours to make firework pictures. The children have also enjoyed some new items in the role play area. In PSHE we looked at how to work well with peers and teamwork. 

Reception have recapped s a t p and tricky word 'the' this week.

Year 1 have learnt the sounds:

Year 1 tricky words:



I can't believe we are at half term already! This week the children have been doing lots of activities linked to autumn. We have collected a variety of beautiful leaves that have fallen off the trees, and looked at the changes that happen in the environment in autumn. We have also continued to look at harvest. The children have enjoyed watching some clips of how different fruit and vegetables are harvested. In maths the year 1's have been looking at addition and subtraction up to 20 and reception have been learning all about number 5. Our PSHE focus this week has been about how we treat our friends and other people around us. We rounded off the week by making some spooky pictures and doing some spooky based activities. I hope you all have a lovely half term.  

Robins and sparrows new sounds and tricky words this week.

Wrens sounds and tricky words this week. 



This week we have continued to look at maps. We have looked at the United Kingdom, its four countries and their capital cities. In RE we have been looking at harvest and where our fruit and veg comes from. We collected some apples from the front garden, cut them up to have a closer look inside and then the children planted some of the apple seeds in our growing patch. In art we have been painting portraits and exploring observational drawing. 

The wrens have learnt these sounds and this tricky word this week.

The robins and sparrows have learnt these sounds and tricky words this week. 



The robins and sparrows have been working hard in literacy over the last couple of weeks. We have now come to the end of the 'Song of the Sea' unit. This unit was based on a film. A lot of the children were eager to watch the film as we only watched a small snippet. The film is on amazon prime if any of the children want to watch it at home. 

This week we have been looking at maps of Cornwall and the children have been finding where they live and some of the places they like to visit. 

We have been looking at how we have kind and helpful hands. We discussed how we can use our hands to be helpful and how to use them to be kind to others. 

in science the children have been learning about the weather. Our role play area has been turned into a weather station and the children have been giving weather reports. 

Fun in the forest.

These are the sounds and tricky word that the wrens learnt this week. 

The sparrows and robins have been recapping the following tricky words. 


Round up of the week 2/10/20 

We have had a very busy week. In Little Foresters your child is in a group named after a bird. Ask your child which group they are in. We have the Sparrows, Wrens, Finches and Robins. This week the Robins and Sparrows have been working hard in maths looking at the greater than and less than symbol and using it in their maths. The wrens have been learning everything about number 2 and they did some great work outside practicing writing number 2 with chalks. 

In phonics the Robins and Sparrows have been practicing the following sounds:

The Wrens have been learning the following sounds and tricky words:

In literacy this week, all of the children met Grandma Fantastic. She sometimes visits us with a basket full of special words. The children have all been using these new and exciting words in their speaking and writing. 

The Finches have been exploring the classroom and starting to build friendships with their peers. 


Welcome back from Little Foresters 

We have had a great start to the term here at Little Foresters,we’ve enjoyed making  new friends renewing old acquaintances .

We have been working hard in the classroom and also enjoying lots of play in the garden. In Science we’ve been learning about the weather, in RE we have read some bible stories and in phonics reception have been learning all about the letter S and year one have been recapping the sounds ‘ear’ and ‘air’. In maths we are learning about place value and numbers to 20.

next week we are very much looking forward to welcoming the new preschool children and showing them around.


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