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New Term  

Welcome Back 

We are two weeks in and there has been lots of activity in all of the classes. new pupils to the school have settled in and are enjoying time at school. We have started our new units of work and trying to answer all the questions we have.

All classes have spent time out in the forest to support the work that is happening in the classroom. The teachers have been very excited to get out and explore in the fresh air. 

Mrs Harper is setting up a community library trolley to have out in the playground at the end of the day. It will give you the chance to choose a book with your child to read at home. We have lots of books to browse and we will rotate them regularly. We also have a shelf of books for adults. Please feel free to add any books to the shelf that you have at home for others to enjoy! 


Summer Performance  

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Today was our performance day! After a month of rehearsals, a 30 page script and 8 songs, we finally had a chance to share our hard work. We performed in our forest area and it was a beautiful sunny day. Well done to all the children, you were fantastic. Thank you to the PTA for organising the raffle and raising over £1000, this is incredible! It was lovely to see everyone and I hope we can do it more in the next academic year. 


Monday 14th June  

Sports Day 

We missed sports day last year, so we were particularly excited to compete this year. Sports day took a different format to usual. During the day each class went out to compete in a range of events/ activities to earn points for our house teams - Carlyon, Crinnis and Polkerris. It was lovely to see children supporting each other, encouraging each other and supporting those who found things difficult. It was a close competition, but Carylon finished on top! It was really lovely to gather together at the end of the day for the results as we haven't been able to be together very much this year. 

It was definitely different to usual and we missed the parent chanting and cheering, but we hope that will be back next year! 

To see pictures for each class please look at the class pages (they are already there or will be there this week!) 


Special visit  

The lambs join the forest school!

Mrs Turner brought in her lambs for us to see in forest school. We learnt about life cycles and what these animals need to grow. They were very tame and enjoyed all the attention from the children. They liked walking around on their leads and visiting children in their dens. 

Forest school is one of the children's favourite times of the week. We haven't been very lucky with the weather recently, so we have started to the use the shelter the that the PTA kindly purchased for us after the Christmas raffle. It allows us to continue with forest school whilst the rain is pouring down! 


Mental Health Awareness week  

Looking after ourselves 

This week was mental health awareness week. We had a delivery of some new books (some pictured) which have kindly be donated to schools. These books feature a variety of characters and introduce a number of mental health themes. I'm sure the children will enjoy exploring these new stories.

We also spoke about how to manage small and big feelings and came up with a list to help us when we are not feeling ok. Lots of the ideas included being outdoors, being active, animals ... 

Our children are very fortunate and have weekly forest school sessions, these are a great opportunity to be outside, work together, take time to yourself and try new things. Forest day is definitely one of the children's favourite days of the week! 


Comic Relief  

Where's Wally? 

The children have now settled back in to the school routine. There has been lots of fun activities happening in the classes. Little foresters have been finding our about Alexander Graham Bell, Jays have been learning about the Great Fire of London and Eagles have been learning about the Vikings and microorganisms.

On Friday it was Comic relief. We wore red, had a tuck shop and Eagles made some Where's Wally photos for the other classes to try. Can you find Wally in the photo? He is wearing and red and white striped top. 


Weekly update  

Children’s mental health week

This week’s assembly (available on your child’s teams page) focused on children’s mental health week. We talked about ways to express yourself and your emotions. We also did some work in our lessons focused on this. 

Thank you to everyone who completed the parent survey last week, your feedback was really useful, so we thank you for taking the time to fill it in.  

The last two weeks we have shared details of sports events you can get involved, this week we wanted to share a link to a guide of how to create a game on scratch. The tutorial was greater by a teacher at Looe Community Academy. Let us know if you give it a go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjixcr0lS7o 

One more week until half term, we have been so impressed by the work and effort we have seen this half term. Thank you everyone! If you need anything, let us know. 


Weekly update 

Four weeks completed

You have completed 4 weeks of remote learning. This week, yet again, we have seen some amazing examples of work and had some wonderful lessons online. I know some people have found this last week tough, but we know you are doing a great job and give us a call if you need our help.

In this week’s assembly we shared a story about being different. It showed us we are all different and that is what makes us unique! 

Mid Cornwall sports network are running a winter games competition. You will find the details on this week’s email. 

With pupils spending more time online, it’s important to highlight ways in which we can help them to stay safe. In the keeping safe section on our website you will find lots of useful information and top tips. If you want more advice please let us know. 


Week beginning 18th January  


We hope everyone is ok. Remember if you need any help, have any questions please get in touch we will do what we can to help all our families. We have seen some wonderful work over the first few weeks of remote learning and have really enjoyed seeing everyone each day in our live lessons. 

Remember all of your work is on TEAMS - you will find activities, videos and links to help you with your learning. 

Everyone will have an assembly page on TEAMS. This week's assembly is all about not giving up. We look at story where the main character didn't give up even when people told him to. We thought about times when things get tough and what we can do to get through. 

Also on TEAMS I have asked each teacher to add a link to an active families challenge organised by the Mid Cornwall Sports Network. Take a look at see if you and your family want to take part. 

Remember we are at the end of the phone or an email if you need anything!

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Thinking of others  

Cornish Christmas Boxes

School council decided to collect food for the charity Cornish Christmas box. The idea is that you create a box for a family so they can make a Christmas meal. Our aim was to make 3 boxes and we succeeded, we even added some extra bits to each box to make them even better. I'm sure they will be appreciated by a Cornish family. Thank you for everyone's donations they have been dropped at a collection point and will be distributed in time for Christmas.  


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